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Basketball Leagues 
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If scores are missing, this is due to the score not being recorded on score sheet (CLIPBOARD) after game.
Please email to submit your score if it is missing
Spectator Details & Entrance Fee
Details for spectators below:
We do not have a maximum limit for spectators per player. Please self access your symptoms, judge whether you are at high risk for exposure, and use your own families judgement upon arrival. As we have been open since August 1st, we have been maintaining a 30% operating limit while managing spacing and using sanitation protocols. 
A few of our protocol requirements: masks for everyone entering & temperature checks before entering. Our full list of protocols can be read by clicking here, or you can read more on our homepage.
Entrance fees will be taken for all spectators. Children 17 & under are always free. We thank you for supporting Kingdom as we keep our costs down and never charge you ref fees. $6 for All Adults, $5 for Seniors. No league passes will be available. Day pass will be good for one day only!
Our entrance fee covers employee & ref costs where most other facilities charge double the amount as well as make you pay ref fees. Enjoy your stay here at Kingdom Sports Center.
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Youth League  
2nd - 6th Grade
10 Game Season
Saturday & Sunday Games
Jr High Jam
7th & 8th Grade
9+ Game Season
Wednesday Games
High School Slam
9-12th Grade
 9+ Game Season
Sunday & Wednesday Games